Looking to really brighten up your house?

The entrance is one of the most important aspects of your home. It makes a statement as to the style and quality of the house and is vitally important in keeping your home safe and secure.

Front doors don’t just come in white, black or brown anymore. There’s a whole selection of colours available in the uPVC range these days. Take a look through our gallery.

Contact us to discuss the style and colour of your new front door today.

Our doors provide the best possible security with the most up to date locking systems. As with our windows, our doors are available in a vast selection of colours and styles and can be customised for individual requests.

Whether you want a traditional solid door or a modern coloured door with decorative glass we can cater for all tastes.

Visit our gallery to see more examples of front and back doors. Our gallery just shows a selection so for more information and choice then call us for a friendly chat.

Start with some good advice by contacting us here or calling us for a free no obligation quote on 01522 620 655.

For your peace of mind we take our responsibilities, quality of products and service seriously




Browse Our External Door Gallery

It is now accepted that exterior doors should add value to your home and not just keep you safe, lots of bland exterior doors could provide enough security.

Clearview Lincoln prides itself not just on the quality of the exterior doors it distributes but also on the selection of doors available.

They are as you can imagine the ultimate first impression, they ultimately state what type of person resides behind them.

Click on an image to view larger image of each door.

Click on an image to view larger image of each door.

You can choose your style of door handle and other fixtures just by clicking here.

Browse Our Door Canopies

Keeping your doorstep largely covered during heavy rain, these door canopies will prevent water from being walked onto your carpet. Over-door canopies can also protect visitors from the worst of the rain and give that little bit of extra shelter while you search for your keys.

Clearview Lincoln Limited offers a selection of composite exterior doors with a wide range of options.

These great front and back doors have the traditional and charming appearance of timber, but with the high security multi-point locking of a modern uPVC door manufactured to enhanced security performance.

Bridging the gap between traditional wood doors and modern uPVC doors, our range of composite doors offers entrance doors that are the focal point of your home and create the perfect first impression.


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