Many people in today’s housing market are frightened by the big difference in value between their current¬†property and the next step up.

Maybe it is the difference between a 2 and 3 bed roomed house, or maybe one of the owners now works from home and is in need of a study, and a house with a study downstairs can be a considerable amount of money more than one without.

You are slowly out growing your current home, whether be that you require further bedrooms, or you would like an extra room downstairs for use as either an office or a playroom for the children.

But what do you do?

Increase your living space cost effectively

Your choices are to either move house to a larger property, or if you have the land, extend your current home.

When you consider the costs involved in moving home then it may seem more sensible to consider having an extension instead.

We offer very competitive prices, contact us for an individual quote today.

Extension Gallery

Take a browse through our gallery of extension samples. Then give us a call for a free no obligation quote for your own extension built to your requirements.

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