We offer an excellent range of beautiful and elegant double glazed upvc doors and windows. We take great pride in helping you, our customer choose the right external upvc door and double glazing for your home whilst offering such a competitive price.

With rising energy costs, fuel costs and living costs, the last thing you want to do is throw valuable money out of the window, but that is exactly what you could be doing if your building products, such as replacement windows and doors, aren’t energy efficient.

With visible benefits for your home (or place of work), your pocket and the environment, it’s clear to see why energy efficient uPVC replacement windows and doors are important.

But with a bewildering range of energy efficient products on the market, it can sometimes be hard to know where to start looking.

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New windows not only mean that a property is more attractive and better weather proofed, it also increases the property’s value. If you are thinking about making some improvements to your home in the near future then you may want to consider having UPVC windows installed.

While you may have a general idea about UPVC windows and what they can do for your home, you may want to know more about the product before you go any further.

Take a look through our gallery and then contact is for a free no obligation quote.


Flat Window to Bay Window

It is possible to create a bay or bow window from an existing flat window. A bow window can be created cost effectively without the need for building regulations. A flat to bow window has the same frame construction as a normal bay or bow window but with a new roof. For full details and a free no obligation quote click here to contact us or phone us at 01522 620 655.


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